Provital solutions is a young and innovative company. We focus on constant development and despite our young age we already have a lot of experience:

2006: The development of a ceramic membrane filtration system begins

Produktion 05

2008: The first installation of a ceramic membrane filtration system was finished

Produktion 01

2009: The Company change name to Provital Solutions A/S

2011: Launch of the Provital MF Micro Filtration standard units

2011: Provital received the first major order for export

2012: Provital moved into new offices in Aalborg, Denmark

2013: Launch of the Provital Drinking Water Plant

2013: New head office and production in Hobro, Denmark

Hobro provital 01

2013: New sales office in the US

2014: Launch of the Provital Mundo UF Water Reclamation unit

Today Provital Solutions is a leading manufacturer of filtration systems based on our unique ceramic membrane technology.

We offer a number of standard products but we also produce special products for specific applications.

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