MF06-1 is intended for use in public swimming pools. The systems contains 6 ceramic membranes each with a pore size of 3 micron (optional 1 micron).



The capacity of the unit is 210 m3/h / 924 GPM. Due to the unique filtration level, the system completely removes harmful microorganisms like a.o. Cryptosporidium. It will also reduce the need for chlorine and create a better environment for the users and staff.

The system offers:

  • Up to 60% smaller footprint compared to traditional solutions
  • Up to 80% savings on water for back washing
  • Significant savings on chemicals
  • Fully automated control system
  • Better water quality

To secure the water quality the system is fully automated, so no human factor. The system constantly monitors the water quality and all other components in your system - Should any problem occur the system will send an alarm by SMS or e-mail. Back wash of the system is also fully automated.


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